Carcinoid & Neuroendocrine Tumor Society

An association of patients, caregivers and physicians, promoting better understanding of carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancer,
a relatively rare disease which is poorly understood and is often misdiagnosed.

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CNETS Singapore Welcomes You
Welcome to the website of Carcinoid & Neuroendocrine Tumor Society. This website is operated by CNETS Singapore, and is intended to serve the Asia Pacific community of patients, family caregivers and physicians.

Carcinoid and neuroendocrine disease is a rare cancer affecting less than 5 in 100,000 persons. Although the carcinoid community in every locality is small, patients in USA, Canada and Europe are served by a variety of support groups and public foundations. Some groups have regular monthly meetings and there are national conventions at least once per year. But in most Asia Pacific countries, there are no support groups for neuroendocrine patients. And patients living in these countries rarely have a chance to meetup.

Australia is a notable exception. The Unicorn Foundation facilitates patient support groups in nearly all states of Australia as well as Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand, and they have regular meetups.

Asian Region Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (CNETS) is a support group for carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumor patients, family caregivers, researchers and physicians. We are headquartered in Singapore - the little red dot in the map shown at right - and help members throughout Asia Pacific.

We take our name from the Carcinoid-NeuroEndocrine Tumour Society Canada, with which we have established ties. The founders of both groups hope that CNETS can expand to serve other regions through a loose affiliation of non-profit charities, enabled by the Internet.

The primary focus of the CNETS Singapore organisation is to establish an online resource which spans Asia Pacific borders to provide 24 x 7 support for the carcinoid community. Our current online resources include a complete library of video recordings from carcinoid & neuroendocrine medical conferences. A wiki is planned, to tap the experience of patients, caregivers and physicians throughout the region.
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News Highlights

Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day
An international community of non-profit organisations dedicated to promoting awareness of neuroendocrine cancer is holding a variety of events to commemorate the NET Awareness Day on 10 November 2012. A zebra-striped ribbon is the badge of this community. [more...]
CNETS Presented a Poster at ESMO
CNETS Singapore presented the results of its study on delayed diagnosis of NET cancer patients during a poster session at the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) on 8-12 October in Milan, Italy. [view poster...]
Novartis Launches NET Alliance
Novartis Oncology announced an initiative to improve patient outcomes by advancing awareness and management of NETs. The initiative is intended as a longterm partnership with patient groups, physicians and clinical staff. A new website was established by NET Alliance to promote awareness of neuroendocrine cancer.